Three Unique Blogs

Three blogs unlike each other and each with their own value.

There was a time where I consumed the majority of my digital media directly from blogs. A bookmark folder that scrolled off screen as I dutifully loaded each one up in the browser to see what they had said for the day. Then the age of RSS arrived and reading blogs ended up being a disconnected process with their content pulled from their blog into my RSS reader. As I’ve read blogs, while I still read a lot via RSS feed, but more and more I use RSS as a way to know about new content and then if a post interests me then I open it up in a new window.

So here are three blogs that I read regularly. In fact, the last one of this list inspired me to utilize Twitter to notify me of blog updates so as to force me to enjoy her blog in its native form rather than through the RSS feed.

Ikea Hackers

Ikea is a popular source of cheap furniture and this blog collects examples of people taking an Ikea product and, well, hacking it. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking a picture frame and turning it into a speaker cover, or raising a bed frame higher by using another of the same frame. It’s interesting to see the ingenious ideas and what can be done with these unique flat packed furniture.

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Nerd Fitness

Steve is an example of a fitness and a nerd. He’s also a blogger who has turned a hobby into a full time profession. He’s traveled the world on a mission of awesome, shared the amazing successes of others, and helped thousands of nerds work towards getting healthy. A quest you might know I’m in the midst of. And how can you not love a guy who idolizes Doug Funnie?

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Itty Bitty Impact

Who would think a blog about life in rural Wisconsin could be interesting? But Tonia makes it so. It helps that she is an amazing photographer, and that she and her husband Mike are homesteaders working to live a life that minimizes their impact on the world. Such as by raising their own chickens for eggs and for slaughter. Owning pigs. Canning tomatoes.

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These three blogs are just a segment of what I read, I’ll be sharing more blogs in the coming months, and I’ll be looking for others. If you know of an awesome blog then please drop me an email or comment below!