So I gave up soda for this year. And last night I had a dream about drinking soda. In the dream I did it unthinkingly, and was so let down when I realized I had slipped up and drank it. Also I remember it tasting awful. Not sure what my subconscious was chewing on for that dream, or if it was the final throes of my body’s caffeine addiction.

Tomorrow, two weeks vacation from work for the winter holiday comes to a close, as well as bidding farewell to my mother-in-law. It was a wonderful break and a wonderful visit filled with time spent with people I care about. But as always I am eager for the new challenges at work and to get back to being a professional Wizard.

Enjoying my days off from work, spending time with Katie and her mom and Elwood, decorating for the holidays, and unwinding from a long year. Tomorrow, we host our annual Christmas gathering with friends.