The Social Network of my kids

Of course, after I post about this blog being more journal and less soapbox, I have an idea that warrants a serious look and a blog post. The idea morphed in the few hours I pondered it yesterday, starting out as a concept for a kid’s social network governed by the social network of the parents and turning into a more philosophical concept of what my (one day) kids will think of the social networks I am so deeply intertwined with. Continue reading “The Social Network of my kids”

This is a journal

I’ve always had to fight between technological posts and keeping this as my life journal. The fact is that I’m leaning more towards other mediums as my platform. Any technological posts I want to make end up as comments on Hacker News and I sometimes stop to think I could write a blog post about it, but then decide I don’t have enough to make a post on it. Continue reading “This is a journal”

My Week in Review

This week is a premiere example of the sort of life I live. I didn’t exactly spend any time at home in the first week in our new house. Let me run you through the week. Strap in, because by the time I finish telling you, you may be as exhausted as I was last night. But exhaustion is not a reason for me to go home and sleep.

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Making Apologies

One part of keeping lots of balls in the air is that sometimes you drop one, and at times the dropped ball doesn’t just affect you but it affects someone else personally or professionally. And when you screw up, you need to apologize and try to make amends. Best is face to face so they can see you’re sincere and willing to make this contact and try to mend any damage done when you screwed up. If you can’t meet face to face, then do it over the phone. And if you can’t do it over the phone, do it by way of a well thought out and expressive email. Continue reading “Making Apologies”

A Few Things I’ve Learned

Losing your job affects you. It makes you question your comfort, your skills, it makes you ask is this type of job right for you, whose fault was it, what can you do better next time?

I’m a confident guy, I’m not perfect but I am the perfect example of someone who believes they’re Superman and cannot be harmed.

But when Databanq let me go, I was rocked and it took me several weeks to figure it all out and then soon after starting the job hunt again MindComet found me and it’s now been over three months. Here are a few things I’ve learned from MindComet and about myself.

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Pursuing Elegance

Programming is getting paid to do puzzles. Some are harder than others, some are put the cylinder in the round hole level of difficulty, others near MENSA level challenges. Over the past few days I’ve been trying to fix an issue which amounted to numerous hours trying to bang out a solid solution, in the end I went with the less elegant solution.

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Fairly Productive

The problem with having a week long of rain for a hurricane/tropical storm is that it makes it very hard to be productive. I mean, the flooding, property damage and deaths are serious too, but the loss of productivity is hard to overcome. So as a weekend goes this one was quite productive to help overcome the week of slacking. Continue reading “Fairly Productive”

Of Cars, Friends, Email and Twitter

My car died on Monday. The timing chain broke and caused the piston heads to hit the top of their cylinders, in turn causing major damage which would have cost more than the car was worth to repair. So yesterday afternoon I met the tow trunk and got paid for it. K and I had grabbed almost everything out of it the day before, so all that were left in it were memories. Continue reading “Of Cars, Friends, Email and Twitter”