I Feel Naked

It’s amazing. I regularly walk around shirtless and barefoot without a thought. Yet leaving the house without my cell phone leaves me jittery. Normally I come home, plug it into the charger and that’s that. I know where it is and can always find it. Last night though it got left somewhere and I don’t know where it is. I’m sure it is in the house or in my car, but I just couldn’t find it this morning.

The cell phone is such an extension of me that I’m sitting her very consciously aware of its absence. I can’t pull it out to text someone or to check the time or even to pass the time with the wonders of Tetris. Thankfully I have my laptop so I can at least be comforted in that I am not completely out of touch with the world.

Perhaps feeling naked isn’t quite right. Losing my cell phone makes me feel similar to having lost my voice, I feel as if I can’t speak and communicate right now.

It’s an odd feeling. I guess I’m a technology addict.

Update 4:54pm – So it turns out that the phone apparently got left at the gas station last night and fell into the hands of some bums. I called it this morning trying to locate it and got an answer, so I assumed I had misdialed. I got no answer when I called again. My friend K called it to see if it was at her place and got an answer.

From what I can piece together, I left the phone on top of the gas pump. Then as I pulled off a bum half waved at me, I pointedly ignored him and now I wonder if maybe he was trying to tell me I had left my phone on the pump in hopes of getting a few bucks. Oops.

So apparently the taxi driver bought it off the bum for $10. This is a Sprint Katana phone, not top of the line, but worth more than $10 in resale value. I’ve got the driver’s phone number and will call him in a little while in hopes of setting up a time to meet somewhere and get my phone. Updates as I have them.

Update 11:45pm – In what must have looked like a drug deal to some, I reacquired my cell phone in exchange for $20 through a van’s window in a very short conversation. All is well.

Fighting Fire

Fire is one of those things that society trains us for. Rome fell to it. Chicago. Atlanta. And so many others. Even in today’s world a fire is big news. Wild fires ravage wilderness and fire fighters are revered among our society. We’re so heavily trained by it that we will either react to it immediately or freeze up.

Well last night I proved that I react immediately.

I decided I would go see a show at SAK and just relax, ease back into work. I was getting condolences from people through out the night and at intermission I was standing in the theatre chatting with a co-worker when I happened to look towards the back of the theatre and noticed flickering orange light. The light was coming from where we store drinks, an area of space which is just walled off from the theatre but doesn’t have a ceiling of its own.

It took a moment to register and when I saw the small plume of smoke I immediately realized what it was, fire. I dove into action saying to my friend, in a somewhat calm manner, “fire.” I sprinted around and tore my way into the store room while my friend got the fire extinguisher. He passed it to me and I quickly pulled the locking pin and then extinguished the flame.

We took care of it all and know what happened. No major damage was done. It’s just one of those events which leaves you rushed with adrenaline and shaking as your body calms down.

I’m beginning the move to the new domain. I made a blog post on the old home, I’m still debating how I want to integrate the archives from the old site – if at all.

And also, in terms of fire, I need to figure out how to pay taxes this year. First year I’ve owed them and I need to investigate payment plans and such. Fun fun.

Changing Faces

The month of January is named after the Greek god Janus. Janus is represented as having two faces, one facing forward and one facing backward. He is the god of doors as well as god of beginnings and endings.

I’ve been blogging for nearly nine years now, in various forms and on various sites. I began using an online journal, from there I went to a personal blog on Blogger, then to GreyMatter, then Movable Type, then WordPress. All the time changing homes to various free hosts and domains. Most recently I lived at http://www.ronincyberpunk.com, a domain created while I was in high school and on which I blogged for over five years and created thousands of posts which held over four hundred thousand words of drivel.

The face of blogging as a whole has changed in that time. From a small hobby of a small group of people into a major activity of many people. For me it began as a journal of thoughts and, in some part, as an exhibitionist plea for attention online – a world I was deeply acquainted with. It is rather startling to look back over my writing through the years and follow how my style and tone changed over the years.

My blog moved from being a daily life journal on to an outlet for philosophical musings and still onto a geek realm. Ronincyberpunk was the creation of a high school student looking to be edgy and embracing the anonymous world of online writing. It was a creation from the word “Ronin” which is a romantic vision of a wandering samurai and the word “Cyberpunk” which refers to the Sci-Fi sub-genre. Combining the two created an online persona which would be my banner into adulthood and on to the point where it became a point of embarrassment to share with my friends. Now, we have my still edgy name, but a much less fantastic element.

Well, I might still be just as fantastic.

This blog is going to be a rebirth of my online persona. I’m transferring much of my archives from Ronincyberpunk.com over to this new domain and forwarding all the traffic it received. I’ve yet to decide how exactly I’m going to work the archives in. I might just go through the old blog and move over the best of the best entries, or I might move the entire archive and keep it separated. I just haven’t decided yet.

This blog also comes along at an important time in my life. Even as I write this my mom’s life hangs in the balance. In all truth I should be asleep so I am rested to return to the hospital tomorrow but my mind needs distraction, otherwise I find myself continuing to think about her, worry about her, and grow frustrated at how little I can do. This blog provides me with distraction at a time when I dearly dearly need it.

Life changes. People come and go from our lives, some quickly, others not as quick as we’d like. We change. We grow. We atrophy. We change. We don’t have two faces looking forward and back, but we do look both ways before crossing the street. Hopefully.