I’m a sports fan. I grew up watching sports almost every night in my house. As with any true sports fan we have our allegiances which is serious business.

Seattle Sounders FC (Soccer)

Seattle Sounders FCSoccer is by far the sport I know the least about, but being a new citizen of Seattle I’m getting swept up in the support for the Sounders. My favorite player is currently David Estrada, who scored a hat trick in the first Sounders game I ever watched.

Secondary Teams – Orlando City Soccer, Tottenham Hotspur, and Barcelona FC
Nemesis Teams – Portland Timbers, Arsenal


Atlanta Falcons (Football)

Atlanta FalconsI was born in Atlanta, and though I moved away at the age of three, I felt an unbreakable tie to the team for as long as I can remember. They were a horrible team for much of my life and it’s only been in the recent years that they turned to be a better-than-bad team. I and my brother Adam are die hard fans and we share in the teams successes and failures each and every game.

Secondary Teams – Seattle Seahawks
Nemesis Teams – New Orleans Saints


Orlando Magic (Basketball)

Orlando MagicThe team was founded in 1989, which was also the year when my family moved to Orlando. In that way I grew up watching the Magic. Nick Anderson, Penny Hardaway, Shaq, Tracy McGrady, Dwight Howard. I love basketball and I love the Orlando Magic. In fact, from 2005-2007 I worked for the team as part of their “Blue Crew” which pumped up the crowd and launched t-shirts into the crowd.

Secondary Teams – Seattle Supersonics
Nemesis Teams – Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat


St. Louis Cardinals (Baseball)

St. Louis CardinalsI am a “convert” to be a fan of the Cardinals. The truth is that Baseball is not one of my top sports, the strike in the 90s really affected my fandom for the sport. Up to that point I was an Atlanta Braves fan, but after the strike I stopped really caring about baseball except for the World Series, and even then only rarely. My wife though grew up in a very strong Cardinals household, so as I spent more time with her I became a bigger and bigger baseball fan.

Secondary Teams – Atlanta Braves and Seattle Mariners
Nemesis Teams – None

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