The Best Day of my Life

This day is surely to be eclipsed as my life continues, but as of now – I think today may have been the best day ever. Seriously. If however you wish to not hear about my awesome day, you may scroll down and read my review of Michael Bay’s Transformers movie.

My Awesome Day
I had a really shitty Friday at work. I mean truly horribly ugly such that I left work ready to quit the next day. I had hit my limit. I was done and frustrated and just ready to move on. As such, K and I decided that today needed to be an escape from everything. So we decided we would put some Universal comp (free) passes to use and go get high on adrenaline. I crashed at her place. We got up and as we completed a quick errand this morning, we discovered that my engine was emitting an acrid smelling smoke. Uncool.

We drove it to my family’s mechanic and I called dad expecting he would have to pick us up. The problem with the car turned out that it needs a new AC Compressor. The current one kept locking on the clutch which produced the aforementioned smoke. So we cut the belt and I had my car back sans the smoke. Excellent.

K and I then run back to my house to do a few more chores to get the house ready for family. As we’re finishing up the chores I get a call from an unknown number on my cell phone. As it turns out, back on Saturday I had gone ahead and listed my resumé on This was an early morning call from a company offering me a position as a junior web developer with them. The pay isn’t as high as I would like, but it is extremely encouraging that I heard from them early on a Monday morning.

After I finish the call we finish the chores and then, we’re off to the parks. The plan is simple, hit them hard, hit them fast. I’m a power gamer when it comes to the theme parks. Since I worked at the park I know the ins and outs, the shortcuts and the ways to game the system. And so we were off, first we dashed to the back of the park to hit the Dueling Dragons.

Tip: Head for the back of the park and work your way forward. Most everyone hits the close attractions immediately and so lines in the back will be shorter.

After riding Fire (one of the dueling dragons,) we’re coming around to go through the line and I decide to make a joke with one of the employees. My joke, as it turns out, skips us to the front of the line and cuts a good 20 minutes off of our wait time. From there we skip from ride to ride and generally enjoy the parks.

From there we head to meet up with some friends. We meet them at a Sushi place and enjoy a wonderful meal filled with lots of delightful discussion. I hadn’t hung out with them much, so it was a joy to get to know them better. I enjoyed some great nigiri, both tuna and shrimp while K had some great sushi.

Then it was off to the movies. Originally we planned to see “Live Free or Die Hard” but that was immediately and inarguably eclipsed when we discovered Transformers had been released. I thought it was coming out on the 3rd but it was in the theatres and we were all too happy to go see it.

My Transformers Review — I’m 23 years old, tonight I was 8.
I loved it. Simply loved it. It kept the same feel as the cartoons, being crazy and off the wall.

I even loved the product placement. They didn’t shove it down your throat, but you knew the items were there. Remember, Transformers were created from the idea for the toy, then they built the story around it.

It’s 1:47am and so I need to sleep, I’ll write more tomorrow. Promise.

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  1. Dale and I were roaming about the mall and and were about to leave, downtrodden from finding the game I wanted and then finding out my system can’t run it, when LO AND BEHOLD! AN 8:30 SHOWING FOR TRANSFORMERS BLINKED DOWN AT US FROM THE HEAVENS ABOVE THE THEATER TICKETBOX! We ran in, dismissed the candy and popcorn as things unneeded when going to witness such an epic event, and plopped ourselves down center.

    8 again indeed.

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