For those of you who haven’t been barraged by my excited text messages, this is your official notice that I’m in Chicago for the next week. It’s exciting.

The below pic makes me look like I’m worried but the truth is that I’m just pensive and thoughtful. I’m damn far from home and I’m setting off on my own urban adventure.

On the train

3 thoughts on “Chicago”

  1. Thanks sis! It’s from – where I get 75% of my t-shirts :). Also if you use the link in this comment, it hooks me up with some points on the site for when I get my next rad shirt from them.

  2. I’d like to pout a little…I haven’t gotten any excited text messages… but that’s ok, I’ll be strong. I’ll make it through.

    — miss you babe, hope you have a fantastic trip!

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