The (big) News

So, I’ve kept it tight lipped until now, but I think it’s safe for me to begin spreading the word. The world of Trick is changing. It all began when I got determined to look for a new job. I put my resumé on and was shocked to discover the response. I’d never imagined that I would get as many calls as I did, though I had a few things to learn.

Putting your resumé on is a great choice, just be prepared for calls from people who can’t actually give you a job. Most of the calls I received were from job placement agencies. While useful as middle-men I found it tiring to deal with them, and also they’re hugely unaware of geographical locations and qualifications. I had one guy call me about a job in Clearwater (2+ hours away) for a job I was no where near qualified for.

What I did get was a call from an Orlando based dot-com called Databanq (that’s not a g) Media. I’ll let their website tell you what they do (+2 to geekiness if you can understand it.)

DataBanq Media is an Internet technology company specializing in vertically oriented informational websites, business directories, search technologies and publishing platforms. The DataBanq Media Network provides consumers and businesses with high quality content, tools & resources while establishing vertical segmentation for buyers and sellers to interact in a transparent, efficient marketplace. In the coming months we will highlight network properties and other DataBanq applications as they are released from initial beta environments.

In layman’s terms and a great simplification for them, they build websites which rank well in Google for various terms, and then provide the capability to companies to make use of their well ranking website.

The job is a substantial increase in pay, it provides full benefits, and it won’t interfere with Dragon*Con at all. In fact, D*C helped me get the job I think. Well, that and the fact that I play Magic: The Gathering. I have a web design portfolio at and in it I link to one of my projects, an RSS aggregator for Magic websites. This is one thing which I think really helped me snag the job.

I went to an interview with the big boss at Databanq (from here on it’ll just be Dq) the day before I left for Chicago. I was on vacation when they called and made me an offer. I then let SAK know as soon as I got back in town and now it’s just been waiting to be sure they had someone to fill my shoes (they do but I can’t say who yet.)

The first day of my new job is Monday, August 6th. The last day as SAK’s main guy is Friday, August 3rd. I’m really excited to be about to enter the world of a 9-5 again, I’ll have my evenings free to hang with K, play D&D, and probably work some Magic games this season (hopefully.)

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  1. Congratulations, my friend. The TechOps western contingent is proud of you, and we shall drink to this achievement at dragon*con. FREEBIRD!

  2. Thanks! I’ve toyed around with this layout a few times and finally figured a way to fix what I didn’t like without hacking into the guts and code of it. I’m digging it.

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