Working like it’s 1999

So talk about flashbacks! Today I did some honest-to-God PC hardware work. Last week my hardworking beast of a desktop PC crashed and was out for the count. It was the Motherboard from what I could tell. I would hit power, it would boot on, I might see the Bios screen and then it would reboot again. So I just left the machine off and proceeded to get sick over the weekend.

Come Monday I’m mostly recovered and I mention the problem to dad. He agreed with my assessment but life continued to intervene (largely because I’ve changed, namely I’d rather spend time with K than fix my desktop, I’ve got my laptop anyways.) So tonight I come home and put in two hours of elbow grease, testing this replacement board to be sure it works before I go through the motions. Sure enough, it all came back to me. The necessary connections, the jumper settings, the cable hook-ups. Sheesh, you’d think I did this all the damn time while growing up.

So the desktop is back up and working, and tomorrow stay tuned as I tell you what my big project is right now.