My newest Podcast

Yesterday was awesome. The “big idea” has finally come to life. Yesterday we recorded the first episode of my new video podcast, “ManaNation.” I was so excited all day, I was just a giddy school boy. It’s been in the works for over 3 months now and to finally have it rolling and happening is a great feeling.

The show is going to be a weekly video podcast all about Magic: the Gathering. The market is ripe for a weekly video podcast, there’s one out there but it’s closer to a narrated slideshow usually, though interestingly enough the guy who makes it is popular enough that it got him an invitation to the Magic Invitational which is a big honor.

It’s a great feeling for a big project like this to actually take off. A great feeling.

You can check the site out at: My Magic Podcast but the first episode won’t be up until Sept. 24

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