So we’re back from Manhatten, we arrived late-ish on Sunday and yesterday I took to recover and return to the real world. K and I had a list of errands to run and then we decide to go to the humane society and look at dogs since they’re normally closed by the time I get off work. Sure enough we fall in love with this girl:

We think she’s a Cock-a-poo that is a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, the Humane Society had her marked as a Cocker Spaniel. She’s a bit overweight and her fur is horribly matted (to the point we expect the groomers to just have to shave her tomorrow.) She’s darling though, very loving, though I did have to get up at 3:30 this morning to walk her. And as grumpy as I was about it, I was glad she was insistent enough to wake us up rather than piddle on the carpet.

Her name, “Mattie” is short for Manhattan since it is where we just returned from, and she’s got a glitz-glamour personality. In fact, her full name is “Manhattan Mix-a-lot” because baby’s got back. She’s quite overweight, we can only guess that her previous owners stuffed her full of treats and didn’t walk her nearly enough. K and I agreed on the rules, no doggie treats though she does seem to interpret ice as a treat which is good. We’re going to feed her in the morning, and give her 3+ walks a day. We were told about the “Green bean” diet which is supposed to help dogs lose weight, so I’m investigating that as well.

K and I sat on the couch last night, catching up on the DVR, and Mattie laid between us just happy to be with people I think. Yes, we’re thoroughly enamored with her, eager to train her and to take her to the dog park.

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  1. Try carrots; she might like carrots. My old dog was nuts about them, and even preferred them to doggie treats.

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