14.1 seconds

14.1 on the clock. The Magic take a timeout before they inbound the ball. The entire arena, 20,000 people are on their feet cheering for both the Magic and the Celtics, the game is tied 93 each. The Celtics are the best team in the league, with only seven losses so far this season. The Magic and Celtics have both won on their home turf this season putting their record at 1-1.

Hedo inbounds to Arroyo, Arroyo holds the ball the passes it back to Hedo. Hedo is our go to clutch shooter, he is one of our top players and we try to get the ball in his hands in the final seconds as he has a definite ability to sink them when it counts.

So I watch as he holds the ball and holds the ball, obviously making sure the Celtics won’t have a shot if he misses, taking us to overtime. 3 seconds on the clock he moves left, 2 seconds he slips right, 1 second left with a defender in his face he jumps up and takes a three point shot from beyond the arc.

The alarm blows and the backboard goes red as the clock expires, lighting the ball as it falls through the basket and net. The arena explodes, we’re all jumping around and high fiving. Magic win 96-93! It was one of those magical moments, the world falls away and there is only adrenaline

The NBA, where awesome happens.

I have to watch Sports Center tomorrow morning.