K and I took Mattie to the dog park this weekend, the drive there had us worried because it was raining and we weren’t sure if this would all be for nothing. Driving with Mattie in the car is heart wrenching for me, she whines and whimpers from her kennel and so I hate taking her anywhere without it ending in fun – in hopes one day she’ll be excited about car rides.

We got the park and it was still a very light drizzle, so we decide to hop out and wait it out under the pavilion. While there a man came over with a truly massive English Mastiff. Don’t underestimate my meaning when I say massive, this dog on hind legs may not have been as tall as me, but his head was massive and he could have played the Monster in Disney’s Sandlot movie.

The mastiff’s name, as it turns out was Diesel and he was very sweet. K and I asked his owner about what it takes to own such a big dog and he laughed as he ran us through the evening routine. Simply put, the dog isn’t an apartment dog, it needs a big house and yard. Even though Mastiffs won’t run very much, they do still need the space.

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  1. You need the room for their massive poops! Knowing how much our medium size dog goes, I couldn’t imagine…

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