I’m okay.

On the drive home from work, I’m slowing down for a stoplight and a bicyclist pops out between cars and hits the side of my car. He flipped off his bike and broke my driver side mirror. Let me tell you, time has never moved slower as I watched him come off his bike.

I stopped and began to pull off, opened my door as he stood up and picked up his bike.

“Are you okay?” I went to stand up out of the driver seat and felt the car begin to pull forward as my foot came off the brake, I had forgotten to shift gears to park and so I quickly sat down and regained control and pulled into the parking lot. I tried to play back the last thirty seconds, had I not been paying attention? How did this happen? Was it my fault? Is he okay? The questions raced through my mind as I pulled into a parking space at the 7-11.

As I shifted into park I checked my rearview and watched the guy bicycle away. I was perplexed by him leaving but relieved that he was okay.

Anyways, I parked the car and got out, looking around just trying to take stock of the situation. Two guys came over. One offered his info as witness to the guy riding off, he hadn’t seen the impact. And the other guy who came over kept telling me to wait for the police just in case someone called in my tag and assuring me it was alright and that he had seen the whole thing from the car next to me. He even said he tried to stop the guy from crossing but couldn’t.

I called 911 to be sure it had been called in, and waited. The chill hit quickly as the sun set and the cold front laid it on. I waited maybe 30 minutes before a cruiser pulled in with a young lady officer. We only chatted for a few minutes, I told her all the details but decided not to get a report. I took her card and she assured me that if it did somehow come back to me I was covered since I had waited for her and my 911 call was logged.

All in all, I only need to fix the mirror and hope the young guy is alright. I don’t know his story or why he rode off so quick but I’m calm and okay.

Can’t wait to call my mechanic and see if they can get a mirror for me, or to go hit the junk yards and see if I can easily find one.