Returning to Improv

After I left SAK as the house manager I stepped away from improv really. I was burned out and I just didn’t know it. Over the past few weeks K and I have gone to a few shows and then last Saturday I had an audition to join the Tuesday night cast.

The audition, I felt, went fairly well. Even the part where I stepped off the stage and took a fall. Thankfully I’ve been a clutz for over two decades and I was able to catch myself and bounce right back up, however the fall was rather surprising and guaranteed my adrenaline was flowing.

The procedure after the audition was that I would either get a phone call if I was accepted or an email if I wasn’t ready. I’ll admit, I was fairly confident I would get in, but I had the little voice in the back of my mind nagging at me saying that I was rusty, that I wasn’t good enough, etc.

Thankfully I was wrong and the call came not more than 30 minutes ago. And so it is with great joy I proclaim my full return to Improv.

2 thoughts on “Returning to Improv”

  1. Looks like we’ll be seeing you some Tuesday night, then! Woo hoo!

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