Life Update, New Job

Three weeks ago I and Databanq parted ways.

I don’t wish to say more other than to say it was not my decision.

I then set out on a two week period of quietly looking for a new job and really questioning if I still wanted to do web development.

My personal job cycle had been to alternate coding jobs and social jobs (intern programmer -> game store clerk -> intern programmer -> SAK House Manager -> Web developer) and so I had to decide. The truth is that I felt like I was still wanting to do it.

After those two weeks it came to a head and I really turned up the search. I set out, I posted resumes, contacted companies with job listings as well as ones I had contacts at and very quickly had three interviews lined up and more if I wanted them. The first was with a company here that runs two very successful niche job market sites. I met with them for nearly two hours, discussed my skills, my ideas, and how I would fit into their business. It was a good meeting and I got a very positive feeling as I left.

The second interview was with a company I had met with before, but it ended up being more of a formality. The message I got was “We want you, but we don’t have a spot for you.” I left the option open for possibly doing contract work in the future but I wasn’t expecting anything more. The truth is, that the company hadn’t decided whether it needed a full time web developer or not. I would have been splitting my time between it and IT development / support. Not ideal but it didn’t materialize anyways.

Those two were both on Wednesday, a day wrought with issues and frazzles. I was so distraught with my level of ditziness that I actually got drunk to try and relax.

The third job interview was for an internet marketing company based here in Orlando. That one was today, the other two had been on Wednesday. I was excited about the possibility from what I had gleened on the net about the company. After an interview where they put me through my technological paces I was given an offer for a position. It was as a “Senior Software Developer” and is a major step up from the last job.

I accepted on the spot and will be faxing in my signed offer letter tomorrow morning.

The company is MindComet. They do internet marketing for corporations and clients looking to make a splash online. Companies like Coca-Cola, SpeedTV, and numerous other ones.

I just couldn’t stop floating all damn day. I was so happy and excited about the new job. It’s something I’m very excited about and the company is a standard geek mecca with all Macs in the office, free snacks, and a video game station in the break room.

The downside is the commute is going to be pretty killer. I’ve been upping my podcasts so I have stuff to listen to.

I did receive an offer from the other company I mentioned, the first interview I had. They were extremely eager and interested but they just couldn’t match MindComet and I was very amicable saying I wished them well and perhaps we would be able to work together in the future.

Both jobs had their positives and negatives, but MindComet just plain won out in the end.

So there you have it, I’ve been unemployed for three weeks. K and I dealt with some money crises but we’re both quite eager for me to start the new job. I’ll use Monday and Tuesday of next week to wrap up any loose ends and try to get as much done on my freelance work as possible.

But Wednesday is the big day.

The MindComet logo. I think it’s called the Powerflux.

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