Of Cars, Friends, Email and Twitter

My car died on Monday. The timing chain broke and caused the piston heads to hit the top of their cylinders, in turn causing major damage which would have cost more than the car was worth to repair. So yesterday afternoon I met the tow trunk and got paid for it. K and I had grabbed almost everything out of it the day before, so all that were left in it were memories.

Mom got the Intrepid because she knew I liked them. I’ve always called it the “Pisces” in my head because the design looked very fish-like to me. It was a good car, one we got from Enterprise, and it put many miles into its service for the family. I’m sad to see it go but I’m also excited about having a car with AC when I get my next car (more on that in another post, this is just for lunch break.)

Last night K and I met with an old high school buddy and partner in crime, Matt. Matt and I were attached at the hip through high school and had we gone to the same college would have most likely continued to be but when I went to GT and he went to FSU (then UF) we began drifting apart. Well last night we met up with him and his lady and had a delicious dinner at the Village Tavern which was pricey but delicious and a wonderfully fun evening out. We’re hoping to do a monthly get together but that is dependent on how life schedules work out. Regardless though it was a wonderful way to respark a dear friendship.

I’m trying to minimize my online distractions. Funny, I know, considering the life I lead. But currently, as an example, I have si..err…seven email addresses where people might contact me. As of this morning I had four places I had to go to check them. I’m in the process of trying to merge many  of them into my main Gmail account. The humor here is that a few years ago I was trying to get away from Gmail due to some spam issues (I receive an absurd amount of spam daily, their filters catch the vast majority of it though.) So I’m trying to get Google Apps and normal Gmail to cooperate. When all is said and done I will hopefully come down to just two places to check my email. In theory.

Speaking of Gmail, I twittered this yesterday. If you use Gmail, you need to go into your settings and set it to always use https. The reason being that while the login procedure is done via https (making it secure) the normal usage afterwards has a vulnderability that if you do so over wireless it opens a possibility for hackers to steal your account info and once they’re in your email they can very easily infiltrate banks, investments, websites, blogs etc. Protect your email, use https and use a long password.

As for Twitter, it’s shocking how core it has become to my existence. K laughs because she’s grown used to my tweeting things as they happen. She’s especially grown fond of being funny and getting quoted in tweets. I’ve also today transferred myself over to TweetDeck rather than Twhirl the reason being that the ability to group people I follow and incorporate keyword searches is a fantastic tool I can’t let go of.

It’s novel, for a while Twitter was for me and my friends from Dragon*Con and some other online geeks I kept track of. MindComet is deeply wired and a great number of them are on Twitter as well so it offers a novel way for the office to communicate. When I was stuck waiting for the tow truck yesterday my boss was in a meeting so I couldn’t tell him I’d be running late, so I tweeted my predicament and that way at least someone in development knew what was going on. In theory at least.

Man, listen to that rain come down! I’m so glad I didn’t break down while Fay was hovering overhead, thankfully it was sunny while I waited for that tow truck.

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