Fairly Productive

The problem with having a week long of rain for a hurricane/tropical storm is that it makes it very hard to be productive. I mean, the flooding, property damage and deaths are serious too, but the loss of productivity is hard to overcome. So as a weekend goes this one was quite productive to help overcome the week of slacking.

Friday after work, I slipped out a little early to try and hit the dealerships but that was unsuccessful. I had a revelation that I really don’t want to go into debt and buy a new car. I was getting swept up in it all and while I would have been okay to buy a new car, it would set me back in my goals of getting out of debt and on top of my finances. So the dealership was called off and I was investigating used cars for most of the weekend.

Then we met my dad and his girlfriend for dinner at TGI Fridays for dinner. We had a good time and then packed up to head off to the Blue Man group show. We had planned this for about a month (a necessity for scheduling purposes) and it was the first time for dad and his girlfriend (I’m leaving her nameless for a reason I’ll get to later.) They really enjoyed the show, as I knew they would. 🙂

During the show, K surprised me and leaned over. There’s a part of the show where one of the blue men makes a painting. I won’t ruin the how or the why, but she leant over and said “Now pay attention, you get that painting after the show.” Something that was really cool 🙂 as I’ve been wanting one of them since I first saw the show a year ago. Now the painting is on display in my hexicle. As seen below.

Saturday we slept in for a bit but the morning was largely dedicated to ManaNation. I had to get the episode edited and rendering. That morning I also had to go pick up some of the video needed for the episode so that slowed me down a fair bit. The episode came together and was blissfully light on the problems. I found a few oversights on my part but nothing major. K had to work at Blue Man that evening so I stayed home and played with Mattie as well as watching the DVR.

As Saturday wound down we began filling up our Sunday. And I do mean that. We set up to go to breakfast with some friends, then we invited K’s mom to join us as we had an appointment to go donate blood for Fay recovery and because we were due to go. As I went to bed K was just getting into a discussion with one of our dear friends, one which I found up the next morning and went into the wee hours of the morning as they chatted and caught up on each other’s lives.

Sunday morning it was breakfast with friends during which I had a fun X-men based discussion about heroes. I also learned that apparently in the Ultimate X-men universe Colossus is gay.

I don’t have an issue with it, it’s interesting to see. Lesbians have been in comics for a few years. Gen13 had an open Lesbian and the non-caped hero (aka drama comics) have it more liberally. But gay men have been less common. Why? Well the target audience is young men and, let’s be honest, lesbians > gay guys. But that’s traditionally speaking and not as big an issue as the generations become more open minded. Yay! That wasn’t the topic of discussion, that was just a line of discussion I wanted to touch on.

So then we left with K’s mom and headed to donate blood. The only place to do it on Sunday is at a branch near downtown Orlando. We went in and had to wait a bit, got the pre-tests done and K fell short on iron. It sucks because we enjoy giving blood together. Normally she eats spinach like they’re a bag of dorito’s the night before we go but we overlooked that step this time. So she kept us company while her mom and I donated, and I promised her she should be able to donate at Dragon*con this week.

After donating we came home and decided to send Mattie home with her. Due to our schedules we were going to be hard pressed to get her to Titusville since K’s mom is watching her for us while we’re out of town this week. So we sent K to grandmom’s before calling up some friends from SAK to see if they wanted to hang out.

These friends both work jobs that keep them very busy and so the odds were low they’d be available but luck of lucks they were. So we cleaned up and headed off to meet them at “Firken and Keglers” which is similar to Dave & Busters. Same equation different outcome. Where D&B is all arcade, F&K is mostly giant bowling alley with some video games. Both have pool tables, bars, restaurant and loud music. We met up with them and grabbed a pool table.

Then our friend J went to her car and got her pool cue. You know you’re in trouble when they bring their own cue. We rack them up and play a handful of games, and in short had J’s husband not sucked at pool then we’d have gotten our clocks cleaned. Winning though wasn’t important, we had fun socializing and hanging out. So often K and I exist in our world it’s a treat to just hang out with our friends.

From F&Ks we decide to go see the Dark Knight in IMAX. The movie was brilliant on a normal screen and since it was shot with IMAX cameras it could only be more awesome in IMAX right? Well, to be honest the movie was still awesome but IMAX didn’t really add anything for me. Everything was bigger and louder but it didn’t reveal anything new or really change how I saw the movie. I found myself scanning the edges of the screen looking for details or trying to find something hidden and in truth I didn’t find anything.

The movie still rocked. I loved the Joker again for his role in the story and I still think it was extremely well done.

On the drive home I engaged in a lively debate with a friend over his belief that “Batman Begins” sucked. His main point being that 90% (in his mind) was watching Bruce Wayne’s training without the presence of a defined villain. Now, I recognize his point and he’s an admitted movie snob (he hated the Godfather!) so I went to war. He wants to go in, be on a roller coaster from the start to finish, and be done. Skip the character development, skip all the other stuff. If it’s an action movie, that’s all it should be. And so I engaged in trying to explain to him why the origin was necessary etc.

We also agreed on the fact that it’s a horrible movie trend for superhero movies to have two villains. But that’s for another blog post.

All in all the weekend was full and fulfilling. Now I turn fully to work and Dragon*Con to get ready for the madness. Things are falling into place and K is beginning to really look forward to it as well which is great 🙂

Orlando got Hurricane Fay last week, Georgia gets hurricane Dragon*Con this week!