My Week in Review

This week is a premiere example of the sort of life I live. I didn’t exactly spend any time at home in the first week in our new house. Let me run you through the week. Strap in, because by the time I finish telling you, you may be as exhausted as I was last night. But exhaustion is not a reason for me to go home and sleep.

Sunday was moving day, we had the movers start at 8am and they were done before 11am. We did some unpacking and planning and then had family and friends over. It was actually the first chance for our parents to meet. K’s mom and my dad got along great, dad grilled up some hotdogs and such. By the end of the night we were exhausted. Not the way to end a weekend, is it.

Monday I had work and after that, I couldn’t go home, instead I had a meeting with the ManaNation sponsor to renegotiate our agreement. Half of me expected the meeting to go poorly, but by the end of it I was excited and pumped for the coming year.

Tuesday was another day of good work at MindComet, and after it I headed down to SAK to do the weekly Improv workshop. I love the workshop and it is a great way to rest my mind and let it do something completely different than usual. However, after it I didn’t go home, I had to go to the back room and film a special episode of ManaNation for next week’s preview of Conflux the next ManaNation set. I think I made it home around 11.

Wednesday was another 6am day, oh did I forget to mention that I get up everyday at 6am? And I go to bed around midnight every day. I worked as usual and left a little later, but that night I got to go home for a little while before heading back out with K to meet two of our friends who are getting married and as my wedding gift to them I’m building their wedding website, so we had to meet up and discuss what they want on it. After the meeting we went out to dinner.

Thursday was a little calmer, by that I mean I left work and went home, but then went out again for a dinner with a friend commemorating his being laid off. This was actually the toughest night for me, aside from K and our friend, I didn’t really know the other people and I was trapped in the corner with people who were quite content holding their own conversations and not talking to me. Which was fine, I watched basketball on the TVs.

Last night could have been a night at home but the truth is that I decided to go out with K, just us. That’s really the secret to a relationship and living a busy life. Part of the ‘busy-ness’ has to be the other person. So K and I went out to dinner at Mellow Mushroom which is perhaps one of my favorite pizza places ever. After dinner we hit the comedy club and saw a hysterical show that had me crying I was laughing so hard.

And today is a wedding. A close friend is getting married today and get this, open top shelf bar. Do you know what this means? It means I won’t be sober by the end of the night. And if I am, someone has failed at life. Me.

Speaking of, I’ve got chores to get to. We discovered a load of laundry in the washer at the new house, and K has decided removing those clothes is a job for the man in the relationship. Ugh.