This is a journal

I’ve always had to fight between technological posts and keeping this as my life journal. The fact is that I’m leaning more towards other mediums as my platform. Any technological posts I want to make end up as comments on Hacker News and I sometimes stop to think I could write a blog post about it, but then decide I don’t have enough to make a post on it.Secondly, I’m now writing weekly columns for ManaNation, my Magic the Gathering podcast/strategy website, so there is only so much constructive content I can come up with in a week. Or is there…

Regardless, the fact is that this is my memoirs, a story of my hectic crazy life. It’s here I’ll tell stories about working for MindComet, and what it’s like to run a video podcast, perform improv comedy on stage, launch T-shirts at the Orlando Magic games, as well as my other entrepreneurial projects, and about living in a sweet ass house with a big honkin’ TV with the love of my life and a puppy who never ceases to make me laugh.

Like Mattie and her ability to make me laugh, I love doing improv for an audience. Last Tuesday I got to perform at SAK. There’s an amazing feeling to performing Improv, and whenever I tell people that I do it the immediate common response is “Oh I could never do that.”

When I’m off stage I have to mind what I say and mind the social standards. I’m Patrick the software developer. Sure I may be a bit crazy and off the wall.

But when I hit the stage that all falls away and I’m free to do whatever. I can be the six year old kid who throws a tantrum. I can be the mafia hitman with a soft side. I can be the oblivious father to a partygirl daughter. And I can escape everything from the real world.

On stage there’s no chance to stop and think about that nagging problem from work, or the family drama, or wondering if I left the gas on at home. There’s simply no time to let your mind wander, you have to always be focused and listening to the other performers.

Also, I’m a sucker for the crowd’s applause.

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