Pursuing Happiness

It’s not hard to be happy when life is good. The real task is to be happy when life isn’t good. Like this economy. Stress, frustration, the feelings of helplessness combine to make a formidable opponent to happiness. I’m a happy guy, and so far I’m doing okay in this economy, but I’m lucky. And I know it.

What weapons do we all have to find happiness?

1) Faith that whatever comes your way, you’ll get through it. When I’m in a rough patch, once the shock and hurt that come with it wear off, I realize that I have an immense amount of faith that I’ll get through this. The faith I’m speaking of here here is a mixture of my religion, my confidence in myself, my belief in those around me, and the true feeling that in the end I’ll win. Your faith may include only a few of the ones mine do, but still you need to realize that so long as you soldier on, you’ll make it through.

2) Right there with faith is confidence. Your confidence can be internally based. You have the ability, the strength, and the knowledge that will get you through the tough times. Or it can be confidence in others. Your family, your friends, your twitter followers, your coworkers. Whoever or wherever, here faith and confidence are nearly synonyms.

3) Don’t be an island. Depression is often linked with how isolated someone feels. When stress comes down on you. When bills are piling up. When you feel boxed in by life, that’s when you have to break out and be with other people.

4) Be busy doing stuff you enjoy. Working six jobs is a tough way to survive in this economy. But if they are things you enjoy doing, such as the actors here in Orlando who frequently have three or more places they act or perform. I’m exceedingly busy between spending time with Katie, work, improv, ManaNation, WhatTheCast, the Orlando Magic and more. Idle hands may not be the devil’s plaything, but they do tend to make it harder to be happy.

Four is tough. If you can’t pay the bills you may end up working whatever job you can to pay the bills and try to keep the lights on. I know this. But being busy with jobs is better than being stuck without a job. Right?

You’ll notice I never mention saying ‘it could be worse’ and that’s because going down that path is making you consider what could go wrong. And at times you may answer yourself saying ‘Nothing could be worse’ which is patently untrue. However you’re now focusing on the negative. Turn around. Look at the good. FIND THE GOOD IN YOUR LIFE.