Become a Bone-Marrow Donor

My mom was given an extra 9 months on her life through a bone marrow transplant, and with it the potential to continue her life even longer. My mom had a disease called Myelofibrosis where her bone-marrow was slowly being replaced by scar tissue and with it other problems were arising with her health. She had been fighting it for much of my life, and in 2006 she had her bone-marrow transplant. In fact, her transplant took place on July 11th, 2006. It gave us another 248 days with her on this earth, which looking back was very valuable time indeed. Through out the final year and for a few months before, my mom kept a blog online. Something I’ve kept up and managed for her:

Like donating blood and platelets, people can donate their bone-marrow. Bone-marrow transplants (BMTs) are becoming a more routine medical treatment and so the need for an expansive registry is becoming more and more important. I just recently joined the registry, and in doing so I made a five minute video explaining the process (all done from home) to get myself added to the National Bone-marrow Registry.

Want to see what bone-marrow looks like? Below is a photo of the bone-marrow mom received in her transplant.