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I am the New Media Director for Cool Stuff Inc. Cool Stuff has been the sponsor of ManaNation since 2008 and I am now working for them! I will be working on ManaNation for them, as well as other video and podcasts, and putting my skills to use to help them develop their business using some new digital avenues. I’m very excited about this opportunity.

So, remember that rollercoaster week where I proposed to Katie and then got fired? Yeah, let’s scroll back a few days before the proposal. The Thursday prior to proposing I went to Cool Stuff and met with them to discuss the possibility of selling ManaNation to them. I wrestled with this idea, but the bottom line was that at the time work had picked up and ManaNation was suffering for it. So rather than let the show die, I was looking to sell it and let a company that was able to – take it over.

Then while they were tossing the idea around, my life changed and the rollercoaster began. On Monday I got fired. Obviously the first idea was to now get a job with them, and we had a follow up meeting scheduled for a week after the first one, three days after becoming unemployed. They, not knowing my situation, had come to the same idea – they would rather have me join their staff and continue to manage ManaNation, among a number of other projects right up my alley. We discussed it and laid out the basics, and on Friday I had an offer from Cool Stuff.

And so the tantalizing dance of negotiation began. I had another interview to go to and wasn’t sure how it would go. On Monday I got a call from Mat with OpenInspires asking me to come do a contract gig with them for this week. On Tuesday I went to the contract and then that evening sent an email to Jerry at Cool Stuff outlining two issues I had that were necessary to renegotiate. Now here is an important lesson. After a day without a response, I sent a polite follow up email ensuring he received my previous email. Sure enough it had gotten lost and overlooked, and had I not sent the follow up it could have proven problematic as he wouldn’t have seen the negotiation email, leaving me angry and frustrated at going without a response, and the world could very well have ended.

In any case, they considered my negotiation points and we called for another meeting, again on Thursday. During which we locked down the terms and I accepted the job. But we had to hold off announcing it. I wanted to make it part of the episode for ManaNation,

On Monday I start with Cool Stuff and I will be getting in a car with two of my bosses and driving. Now normally that would be extremely uncomfortable for a new employee, since we’re driving from Orlando FL to Indianapolis IN. But it’s going to be awesome for a few reasons:

  1. I already know these guys. We’ve worked together for over a year in a more relaxed fashion as partners and as the sponsor for ManaNation.
  2. The destination of the trip is GenCon, one of the biggest gaming conventions out there. Something I haven’t been to before.
  3. We’re going to brainstorming and laying out the goals and projects for me to start with.

As you’re reading this, I am probably on the road. I’ll be blogging and posting photos and videos from GenCon in Indianapolis IN. And if you’re going to be there – say hi and let’s grab a drink!

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  1. Congrats Patrick! I’m happy for you.

    The shipping function you created for our client left them very impressed…

    Lance is thankful for the support you provided during a very compressed and challenging week.

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