Three Weeks Married

I’ve started and stopped writing after the wedding about a half-dozen times. Life has continued on. Money continues to be needed, so I and K continue to work.

The truth is that nothing has really changed. Sure, I wear a ring now. I feel naked without it. But otherwise our lives are largely the same. We already lived together. We already were committed to each other. We already shared and relied on each other.

What has changed though is the future. Where our time lines might have, at some point in the past, spun off in separate directions they have now become inseparably entwined, wrapped around each other in a helix to eternity.

We have always said that this is forever. I believe it.

Yesterday was our three week anniversary. Pretty soon we’ll stop tracking the weeks, but for now we’re enjoying the count. Aiming for 80 years married, it means we’ve got somewhere around 4,156 to go.

I can’t wait πŸ™‚