Over Android

Today, while driving today, I nearly threw my phone out the window. I thought about rolling it down and chucking it out as I rolled along at 50 miles an hour, watching in joy as the phone shattered and broke on the pavement and snow. I had had enough.

You have to understand, I’ve supported the Android OS since the Droid 1 got into my hands. It was a fantastic phone and I was very happy… for the first year or so. And then the phone began to fall behind, technology moved forward and the Droid 1’s processor and memory quickly fell further and further behind. I was able to combat this with custom ROMs and thanks to the prevalence of the Droid 1 I was able to enjoy a thriving hacker community to squeeze every ounce of power out of it.

Come a few months ago and my Droid 1 was nearly dead. It limped along with a broken power button, poor battery life, and increasing forced reboots. I held out and fought, dragging the phone kicking and screaming to my two year phone upgrade with Verizon, but when the time came the promised phone – the kwisatch haderach for Android was not to be seen, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus kept getting pushed further back. And I was forced to succumb to a subpar phone, the LG Revolution. My patience had run out, and I did not relish the thought of driving across the country with a half operating phone. And my loss of patience led me to make a rash decision.

The LG Revolution has been nothing but painful as far as phones go. For our drive we relied on Katie’s iPhone’s GPS to get us navigated safely. Why hers and not mine? Because using the GPS was causing my phone to reboot. For phone calls we had iffy quality. Sometimes when I get a call the phone never shows me a useful screen and just vibrate rings endlessly. The only way to stop it is to pull the battery. I mean seriously, What… the fuck.

Now, my anger isn’t against the Android OS. I think it does fine and will continue to improve. But if a perfect Android phone exists out there, then I might have to go through three or more phones before I find one which works. Whereas if I go straight to the iPhone I know I’m guaranteed a satisfactory performance. Maybe not stellar. I know there will be frustrations there, but… well… I’m ready for a change.

So in the next few weeks I’ll be going for it. Time to try out iOS.

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