Four Things to Know About Seattle

As a recent transplant to Seattle, I feel like there might be some knowledge I can drop on future transplants.

1. The Department of Licensing, while overseeing both drivers licenses and car tags, does not handle both in a single office. You’ll have to go to two different offices.

I got my driver’s license approximately three weeks after arriving in Seattle, and only after digging online did I realize that they’re different offices. Also important is that after you get your new driver’s license you’ve got 30 days to get your tags changed. Before what? I don’t know. I just know that’s the window I was told.

2. If it snows more than flurries, the city shuts down and public transit is going to be hours delayed everyday.

Having just survived a snowpocalypse, I can personally attest to this. The city expects and lives with rain, but if it turns to ice then much of the city is helpless. I live two miles from my office and the weather made it unsafe for me to get to work. But the good news is that the snow doesn’t last.

3. Seattleites are good people, but they’re not the kindest of people.

The first night my wife and I were here in Seattle, we went to the place people have gathered for thousands of years: the marketplace. Or as we call it now: Wal-Mart. And at Wal-Mart we discovered that people here were blunt and not the same politeness which we were accustomed to in Florida. People moved us out of the way, cut us off, and generally gave us the cold shoulder.

4. Teriyaki shops are everywhere.

In Florida it was Mexican food, here in Seattle it must be part of the building code to require a teriyaki shop in every strip mall. Cheap, easy, quick and… everywhere. Literally. So far I’ve really enjoyed the teriyaki places I’ve tried, but there are also some amazing sushi restaurants to be had, so don’t be shy in trying them out!

One thought on “Four Things to Know About Seattle”

  1. I do agree that people are not as nice in other places as they are in the South, but keep in mind your sample population was at WalMart. I’ve never encountered a pleasant person at WalMart, ever.

    That said, can’t wait to come visit!

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