Dear Future Self

Going through the files on my Google Drive, I came across this gem. A note I wrote myself when I came to Seattle to interview with Wizards of the Coast. The file was titled “Dear Future Self.”


Dear future self,

If you’ve followed your own instructions you’re reading this the morning of the interview, after being dressed and about to walk out the door. Knowing you as I do, I’d like to remind you of a few things:

  1. You’re awesome. No matter the outcome of the interview.
  2. This job is yours already, like Hitch said, they’ve already flown you across the country, now it’s up to you to not screw it up.
  3. Be yourself, you’re killer in interviews.
  4. Be calm and patient. Consider questions before diving into answers.
  5. Be confident but not cocky. Smile, don’t smirk.

You’ve got this. Now fold this up, put it in your pocket and call your wife to get the smile on your face.

— Past self