It was roughly four months ago when I discovered that my fitness level had reached the point where I could run a mile without stopping. That was a major achievement for me, and it represented an achievement so large that I ended up, slacking off, and idling in my life changing and weightless.

Enter November. The month of amateur novel writing, unshaven heathen, and turkeys. And now running a mile every day.

This month I will be hitting the gym and running at least a mile everyday for the entire month. I figure if Dean Karnazes can run a marathon every day for 50 days, I can do some hard-to-find fraction of the work and do a mile a day.

I posted about it largely as a joke, giving it the name “TriRuMiDaMo” (Trick-Runs-a-Mile-Daily-Month) to spoof NaNoWriMo, and after a few people responded that they liked the idea and were going to join in, I have officially renamed it “RuMiDaMo” (Run-a-Mile-Daily-Month.)

This also represents the first time that running has been a major part of my weightloss. Sure I’ve done it some, but never more than 2-3 times a week. So we will see how this impacts my body!

I’ll post back once I finish the month and let you all know how I do!


P.S. – Apparently yesterday, Steve over at Nerd Fitness posted about walking everyday. GMTA it seems!

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