In Your Inbox

So I’m diving deep into this blog in 2020. That’s the plan at least. Various daily updates, new features, interviews, maybe even a podcast. Part of this is a bi-weekly email newsletter. I started this idea five years ago, simply called “Interesting Stuff.” On that first try, I put out four emails over six months and then in March 2013, I stopped.

Well, I’m bringing the idea back. And in fact, issue #5 went out on the 29th. You can see what was in it here.

No Bullshit. No Spam. No selling email addresses. It’s just another way for people to get updates on what I write and for me to share cool things from around the web. The most commercial thing I might do is include affiliate product links, but when I do I’ll openly disclose the affiliate nature of the link.

Want to get this in your inbox? Sign up for it. Next issue will be in two weeks.