18 Aug. 2020

Below is a series of quick posts from the day. I am calling these ‘Blips.’ Read more about my homebuilt system, Glowbug, here, as well as updates on my work coding it at the end of this post.

August 17

11:21pmProject YUJ — Reethigowla Blues (youtu.be) Found on /r/listentothis on reddit. It is described as “Indian Carnatic Blues/Prog” in terms of music genre. All I know is I really enjoyed it. #

August 18

7:08amHawaii development highlights economic impacts (propublica.org) The headline focuses deep on Obama’s ties to a hawaii development, which the article makes it seem more like he’s completely ancillary aside from the fact he is planning to buy a house in the development that a close friend is building. #

7:13amFarmers Find YouTube a Welcome Second Income (nytimes.com) I’ve watched a YT channel of a family in North Carolina for a while now, and it’s proven an interesting peek into this world. #

7:22amRoanoke’s lost colony didn’t disappear, they joined the natives, according to researcher (pilotonline.com) #

7:34amAdAge talks to Ripley Scott and has a side-by-side examining Riot’s Apple commercial remake (adage.com) #

8:28amThe oldest archaeological site to contain worked gold is in Bulgaria (en.wikipedia.org) Saw a picture from it on Reddit earlier this morning and fell down a rabbit hole today between meetings and while out with the dogs. The graves have been dated to 4569–4340 BC, forging is said to begin around 4000 BC. #

1:31pmWealth Tax thoughts from Paul Graham (paulgraham.com) Paul Graham hits on something I have to admit I hadn’t processed when it comes to wealth tax discussions, which is that it taxes the same money every year. I am still overall pro the concept, but acknowledge that this is a wrinkle I hadn’t considered and don’t know enough about how other countries have implemented it successfully. #

2:04pmSpeakeasy gyms are a thing during Covid it seems (npr.org) #

4:39pm – There are things which we mentally tie to larger statuses. I have realized using a sprinkler is one of those things which really makes me feel like a homeowner. #

6:14pm – Holey Moley continues to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures on TV. Rob Riggle and Joe Tessitore are great and the show is so dumb it’s great too. #

7:44pmReminder: Key locks are deterrant from random people, not true security. Not only can keys be copied from a photo of a key, but now research shows that keys can be made based on the sound they make sliding into a lock. And it doesn’t require a professional mic. #

9:31pmMusings on the future of the workforce (theatlantic.com) Found via Matt Mullenweg’s blog. Atlantic is a site where you might hit a paywall, hopefully you can read it as I really liked this article and the questions asked. The nature of work from home has serious implications and potential repercussions for the future of the workforce if it becomes the de facto. #

9:51pmMuseums show off their creepiest items (nerdist.com) My favorite is the weird Japanese merman figure from the Horniman museum in the UK. #

Glowbug Development Notes:

I didn’t get to do too much development today. But there were a few things:

  1. I enabled paging in my viewing of blips on the admin side. Up to now it’s just shown me the top 20 in my admin view and I had to go into the database if I needed to see anything past that.
  2. I modified the output to account for if blips occur on multiple days (as exemplified by today’s posts.)
  3. I cleaned up some of the admin display CSS, nothing major and still not perfect. Just a step in the right direction.
  4. Okay, well as I was making this post I ended up uncovering some other weird corner case display bugs. So I did more work on cleaning up the export to make it cleaner in regards to HTML code generation for the output moving forward.