24 Aug. 2020

9:13am – Home internet just went down. No problem, let me use my phone as a hot spot. Nope, cell service (not provided by the same company) appears to be inhibited too. Well, work phone it is. That’s my Monday so far. #

1:36pm – Even though I have connectivity through a hotspot, I still feel as if I am deeply impacted by the fact my home internet is down. We’re past the four hour mark of this downtime, and in an era where I am working from home, it feels particularly rough. #

1:55pm – The great drought is over. Home internet has returned. #

3:42pmIain M. Banks’ Phlebas TV adaptation at Amazon no longer happening (denofgeek.com) – Shame. I quite enjoy the Culture series and was hopeful to see it made as a sci-fi series, but I can’t say I’m surprised. It isn’t an easy transition of paper to screen. #

3:59pm@sarajeong live tweets the Apple vs. Epic TRO first day (twitter.com) #

4:08pmMatt Pentz is among my favorite sports writers, and he writes here about my favorite rivalry (theathletic.com) Do note, the Athletic is a site that requires a subscription. That said, if you enjoy sports writing, I highly recommend it. #

6:23pmNavy Squadron Commander Gives Opinion on AI winning 5-0 (thedrive.com) As with most things, reading more than a single thing on a topic is a very important thing. This segment highlights the core of why the AI won in his eyes:

In true gamesmanship fashion, the guns-only BFM engagement was the setting for the AlphaDogfight contest. So what jumped out at me about the engagements? Three main points. First was the aggressive use of accurate forward quarter gun employment. Second, was the AI’s efficient use of energy. Lastly was the AI’s ability to maintain high-performance turns.


6:38pmAn absolutely fascinating discussion about laws which seemed insignificant when passed but had huge repercussions or by-products since (twitter.com) #