25-26 Aug. 2020

I didn’t get to post my Glowbug updates last night due to a site downtime last night. So here they are.

Among the posts here, there is one regarding the athletes deciding to not play today in protest of this week’s events in Wisconsin. It is by far the most important thing here and merits our full attention and action during this push for Black Lives Matter and real systemic change for social justice. Justice for Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake and so many others.

August 24

11:10pm2,000-year-old redwoods survive wildfire at California’s oldest state park (nbcnews.com) I was very worried the fire would do in the forest, but as the article points out, fires can be good for forests and these trees have survived fires before. #

11:14pmAnyone remember Project Ara? (en.wikipedia.org) It was an abandoned project at Google, to explore the idea of a modular smartphone. Imagine being able to buy parts and pieces and swap them in and out of your phone. Do you focus on media and watching movies? You could add memory. Photography? Better camera. Medical or scientific field uses requiring special equipment? Sure! It seemed like such a cool idea. Sadly they abandoned it. #

August 25

8:11am – Up, showered, and starting my workday. I am expecting a repairman for the second attempt at repairing one of our recliners. Fingers crossed, since it’s been a five month ordeal given the impact of Covid. #

8:19am – There is a new usecase for Glowbug which my system does not yet handle well, and that is when I blip things before I’ve read them. Normally they would (and sometimes still do) get added to my Pocket app, but I’ve found myself finding an article (such as this article on GQ about Jaron Lanier) and blipping it without having read it.

Now, the system is such that I can easily open the link and read it from the Glowbug admin page, but it’s in the queue to be published. What if I don’t read it by then? Then I have to manually remove it. Hardly a huge inconvenience but still not the proper workflow.

Right now I think the solution is that links added via bookmarklet will be marked as “to read” and they won’t be exported if they have that flag on them. But I’m still thinking it over. We will see if I come up with a better workflow. #

8:27amAfrica declared free of wild polio (bbc.com) #

11:14amGQ interview with Jaron Lanier (gq.com) There are a few people in Silicon Valley who are shamans of sort. Jaron is one of them. This was a bit lightweight despite its efforts to dig in on some big questions about today. #

7:12pmThe 37 Basic Dramatic Situations of any story (openculture.com) #

7:28pmAnesthesiologist Claire Rezba started tracking lost health workers to Covid-19 (propublica.org) #

August 26

8:22am – Sometimes, for no good reason, I end up awake for several hours in the middle of the night. Last night being one such occasion. I woke up at 2:30 and then could not fall back asleep until after 5. So I ended up sleeping about 90 minutes later than usual and I still feel exactly. #

10:18amBlaseball.com (blaseball.com) A friend introduced me to it last night. It is this weird constantly running fantasy baseball pick’em of made up teams, entirely programmatically driven? I think? It’s weird and delightful and vaguely unsettling. #

12:08pmAdam Savage Makes A Custom Apron.

Adam Savage’s Tested videos have been a staple of my media consumption during the pandemic. He has proven to be a huge source of comfort and inspiration during these months and I particularly enjoyed this one-day build of his new apron. #

5:37pm – My short night got the better of me and I took a nap this afternoon. Normally I am firmly anti nap in general, once I’m awake for the day I try to power through. Today was an exception as I was dealing with a pounding headache and the aches of a body that didn’t get its needed rest. Not fun.

Thankfully the nap made a big difference and I’m feeling much better. #

6:16pmToday I learned that Seattle staged a General Strike in 1919 (en.wikipedia.org) 65,000 workers walked off the job for five days in protest of WWI wage controls, inspired by the Russian revolution. #

6:35pmBlack Lives Matter. “Take a long, hard look down the road you will have to travel once you have made a commitment to work for change. Know that this transformation will not happen right away. Change often takes time. It rarely happens all at once. In the movement, we didn’t know how history would play itself out. When we were getting arrested and waiting in jail or standing in unmovable lines on the courthouse steps, we didn’t know what would happen, but we knew it had to happen.” – John Lewis

Tonight the athletes again forced the conversation into the limelight, the reminder, the discussion of what is laid bare in regards to how our police and racial inequality continually is revealed. People will say for them to just play. That sports are an escape from politics and the world–That is the point of this. If your refuges disappear then you are forced to face the issue.

Justice for Jacob Blake and so many others. #

6:49pmHurricane Laura is on the verge of Category 5 (bloomberg.com) Hurricanes are no joke. I grew up in Florida and while we avoided any serious damage, it was always a point of stress and fear. I never had to deal with a Category 5. Nature is no joke. #

Glowbug Development Notes:

  • Fixed some bugs, most notably it wasn’t letting me modify the created times.
  • Enabled it to properly output URLs for Twitter and YouTube to take advantage of WordPress’ embed functions (seen above with the Adam Savage video)