29 Aug.-1 Sep.

Well life has gotten the best of me these last couple of days, so here is the collection of the past four days of blips and posts. It is not a huge amount, which further speaks to the busy-ness of this work week.

August 29

8:31am – There is something that is just naturally correct about having a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons on Saturday morning. #

9:36am – I continue to be a huge fan of Washington Attorney General Ferguson. His office has continued to do a fantastic job, and I just learned today they are tackling one of the multi-level marketing companies, LulaRoe. #

8:06pm – In mucking around on my network, I just discovered there is a wifi-based admin panel for our network printer. I had no idea and we’ve had this printer for 4+ years now. Crazy. I now know that in that time we’ve printed 581 pages of the printer’s estimated 11,500 page life expectancy. The printer this one replaced was one I had had since I was in college, it was a workhorse for over fifteen years. Based on our usage rate, I expect this one to last nearly as long. #

8:11pmI have really enjoyed Patrick Stewart’s daily sonnet readings.

I’ve said for years now that Sir Patrick Stewart is my adopted grandfather, and having these regular videos from him has been an utter delight. #

August 30

10:37am – Me to Ozzie this morning, “You’re such a sweet pup, it would be a real shame if I had to kill you for not stopping licking my toes.” #

7:07pmRyan Coogler’s excellent note after Chadwick Boseman’s death (hollywoodreporter.com) #

August 31

4:16pmA great twitter thread about the history of birch beer.


7:59pm – Got my delivery of new glasses and am honestly thrilled. They all fit well, just a matter of deciding which fit my face the best. #

September 1

11:41amAirline Pilots Landing At LAX Report “A Guy In Jetpack” Flying Alongside Them (thedrive.com) A recap of pilots landing in LAX spying a guy in a jetpack flying alongside them on their approach. #

11:45am – I don’t take advantage of it enough, but being able to cook a good hot lunch is a major plus to working from home. I just made an Orzo dish with diced chicken, crushed tomatoes, and other deliciousness. The chicken is more bland than I’d prefer, but I will improve upon it next time. #

12:47pm – Posted by a friend:

There is a possibility that we are now in the Star Trek timeline. If civil unrest continues, we could very well see the Bell riots in 2024. At least in this universe, if I can survive to the age of 81, I’ll see first contact with the vulcans, and the first warp ship. I guess I’ll have to find a way to make it through WW3 though. #

6:45pmTim Ferriss is one of my guilty pleasures as far as “infotainment” but this conversation with Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks is delightful.

I grew up religious (Presbyterian) and as I grew my religious faith left me. I still value the speakings of the wise of all religions, whether Christian, Judaic, Buddhist or others. And this chat is entertaining and interesting as I learned more about judaism, as well as the philosophical basis of the Rabbi’s beliefs. #