Blip Dump

So I fell behind on posting my blips, and then I hit a wall on coding for Glowbug and I just… fell off the project bandwagon. So, we are trying to get this all restarted, and that starts with this dump to catch up on the blips I wrote. I have an idea on how to tackle the auto-posting I envisioned for Blips, but in truth I’m beginning to think more and more about just divorcing it from WordPress and setting it up as its own CMS – as crazy as that sounds.

The logic for that is the same reason I want to do this on my own site rather than Twitter or a social network. Removing reliance on a third-party. WordPress is great overall, but it isn’t “mine” – sure, I’m self hosting it. But it is still a third party tool that I am reliant on. However if I make my own CMS to drive the website it is mine from top to bottom.

We’ll see. I’m still thinking it over.

September 3

12:38pmYes to all of this.


September 5

1:08amMo Farah breaks one-hour world record at Brussels Diamond League – BBC Sport ( r-time Olympic champion Mo Farah breaks the one-hour world record on his return to the track at Friday’s Diamond League meeting in Bruss #

September 6

9:18amThe Binge on Hulu is not good. #

10:48amMy Streaming Platform Power Rankings.

  1. YouTube
  2. Amazon
  3. Peacock
  4. Netflix
  5. Disney+
  6. Hulu

This is my personal power rankings for the streaming services in the house. It’s purely by gut and thinking about how much I’ve watched the various platforms recently. #

September 7

12:10am20 Ways to Know That Life Is Good.

I found this list on G+, of all places, five years ago and just came back across it. Wanted to commemorate it here. The list was credited to Amira Elgan where I found it.

  1. Life is good when you smile kindly to strangers and laugh a lot with the love of your life.
  2. Life is good when you love your loved ones unconditionally.
  3. Life is good when you genuinely try to be kind to everyone.
  4. Life is good when you cherish the people who want you to be part of their lives and accept you just the way you are and without judgment.
  5. Life is good when you sincerely are happy for other’s good fortune and happiness.
  6. Life is good when you cultivate compassion in your heart and can be truly forgiving.
  7. Life is good when you assume nothing and take no one for granted.
  8. Life is good when you don’t judge others but yourself because you understand that we’re all unique individuals — we’re works-in-progress with inherent gifts, abilities, strengths and weaknesses bestowed upon us by nature and nurture.
  9. Life is good when you have the courage to change what’s within your power and accept what you can’t change.
  10. Life is good when you are grateful for what you have.
  11. Life is good when you challenge yourself to always do more while needing and expecting less.
  12. Life is good when you sleep enough, eat healthfully and exercise everyday.
  13. Life is good when you appreciate the beauty of mother nature’ seasons and the bounties of each season’s harvest.
  14. Life is good when you cultivate gratitude around the dinner table for the real-food you’re so fortunate have on your plate.
  15. Life is good when you tread lightly and kindly on Earth, respect her power and care for her vulnerabilities.
  16. Life is good when you enjoy simple living while making a living doing what you love.
  17. Life is good when you go to bed knowing that you did your best while adhering to your values with honesty and authenticity.
  18. Life is good when you gaze into the dawn of a new day while basking in the beautiful twilight promising that the sunrise will bring light to all that’s dark.
  19. Life is good when you let the beauty of each sunset fill you with hope each day that tomorrow will be a new day for another chance to do and be better.
  20. Life is good when you realize you love your life and have all you need to be peaceful and happy within.



I’m binge watching Warehouse 13 and one of the characters has a t-shirt with a string of numbers on it. I got curious and googled the number, and it turns out it’s a shoutout to the actor’s highschool sports days. Cute. #

3:55pm“I work for the US Postal Service. Fund our public service, don’t privatize it.” ( #

September 8

10:27am – The best thing I ever did for my own email was to make a rule that said, “If an email contains the word ‘unsubscribe’ move it to this other folder” – I check that folder a few times a week but in general it makes my inbox incredibly more pleasant to interact with. #

10:54amNo, The Government Did Not Break Up A Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Georgia ( I shared the story they are talking about here, under the exact framing this article is explaining and clarifying. Very enlightening read to explain more about the situation and also show how the headline is still the most powerful thing in news, and yet also the absolutely worst handled in 99% of stories. #