Sep. 29 – Oct. 2

September 29

5:02pmPryzbylewski. I don’t know if this happens to other people or not, but aside from songs, I also get words stuck in my head. Over and over and over and over I’ll repeat the word in my head. These are all sorts of words, and come from all parts of my life. The latest one is a name, Pryzbylewski.

It was driven by an MLS player with a similar last name, and that triggered this name in my head, and it just bounced around over and over and over without me knowing where the name came from. I felt like it was a character in TV or a movie but I couldn’t figure it out.

I was imagining it was something like Breakfast Club, or some highschool comedy/drama sort of show. I had this vision of a teacher shouting at the bandana wearing young punk kid, Pryzbylewski. Nope. It’s Roland Pryzbylewski from The Wire. I finally gave in and googled it today.

And now I know. Hopefully knowing will flush the name from my head and I can move on with my life. #

10:50pm – I did not watch the farce that is supposed to be a debate between Trump and Biden. I had no doubt it would be nothing short of a shit show. From all the tweets I read and the short fact checks I saw, it was everything I expected and more. There was nothing to be learned by watching it, I would only watch it to point and gawk at the crumbling corpse of democracy. I can’t believe that disgrace of a human being is in the White House. #

September 30

12:48pm – I did a large upload to my Kindle yesterday of a number of books to be read. I’m about 1/4th of the way through A Mind At Play (a biography of Claude Shannon) but the new batch of books are urging me to read faster. I will switch to a bubblegum cleanse for reading after this bio, likely the new Dresden novel.

I’m currently listening to The Black Prism as an audiobook while I take my walks or for the rare times I get in the car for an errand somewhere. #

October 1

2:30pmNorthern Exposure was Filmed in Washington.

I had no idea that they used a town in Washington to represent the Alaskan town of the sitcom show. #

October 2

9:54amI’ve Got Some Things to Say. Let’s Do a WNBA Finals Preview. | By Megan Rapinoe ( I’m just a girl in a Wubble dating her local team’s point guard. #

October 3

12:49pm – As I have begun doing more walking, I am often listening to podcasts or an audiobook. Currently I am making use of the app Libby to check out audiobooks from the library (thanks King County!) and honestly, wishing I had something like Google Glass to enable me to easily continue using my phone and tech without forcing me into the head down posture.

Imagining that I’d be able to compose blog posts, do emails, or even join a work call and watch the screenshares etc. would be extremely valuable to me. #

October 4

2:49am – Today was a delightful day, spent largely relaxing. I did some work on a presentation, though I’ll do more of it tomorrow. Otherwise I spent today watching streams, sorting Magic cards, practicing & studying chess, and watching soccer.

The Sounders won tonight, 3-1 over Vancouver under some very questionable officiating (in that the 1 goal for Vancouver came from a quite iffy penalty) – and tomorrow I’ll be doing more soccer and work.

There was a large heavy fog over the area all day. It felt like the true turning of the page for the season here in the PNW, and soon we will be blanketed in our comforting fall drizzle. I can’t wait. #