4 Oct.

10:22pmTurk now runs Lubuntu 20.04. Technology update: I went ahead and updated Turk, my linux laptop, to the latest Lubuntu version. Up to now I’ve been running it on 18.04 which is from 2018. There was no specific reason for the upgrade, nothing about the previous install was a problem, other than curiosity to be on the latest version. It turned out to be a bigger issue that took several more hours than expected, but I am now fully updated and will be messing around with it.

I attempted to do a fresh install and was thwarted by the installation demanding the Lubuntu 18.04 CD-ROM for some reason (specifically, it wanted to use it to install GRUB the bootloader.) Why it couldn’t do that from the 20.04 USB drive, I have no idea. So I ended up redoing an 18.04 install and then having it run the full upgrade, which thankfully worked without issue. #

10:24pm – Also, I have the music from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog stuck in my head after seeing a TikTok that uses one of the songs. This is mildly annoying. #