It’s been two years…

Today marks two years since my mom passed away. It’s still hard. I cried watching Forrest Gump two few weeks ago.

K has been fantastic, knowing that it was coming up she worked hard to keep me busy and laughing over the past week. Mostly I’ve been too busy at work to think about it. But damn when I do the world comes to a stop and I hear her voice in my head, hear her laugh, and see her smile.

I miss you mom. I love you.

Returning to Improv

After I left SAK as the house manager I stepped away from improv really. I was burned out and I just didn’t know it. Over the past few weeks K and I have gone to a few shows and then last Saturday I had an audition to join the Tuesday night cast.

The audition, I felt, went fairly well. Even the part where I stepped off the stage and took a fall. Thankfully I’ve been a clutz for over two decades and I was able to catch myself and bounce right back up, however the fall was rather surprising and guaranteed my adrenaline was flowing.

The procedure after the audition was that I would either get a phone call if I was accepted or an email if I wasn’t ready. I’ll admit, I was fairly confident I would get in, but I had the little voice in the back of my mind nagging at me saying that I was rusty, that I wasn’t good enough, etc.

Thankfully I was wrong and the call came not more than 30 minutes ago. And so it is with great joy I proclaim my full return to Improv.