Meet Me In St. Louis

A classic (released in 1944) that I had never seen before. Or at least I had no recollection of. It isn’t really a Christmas movie, but it has an important Christmas moment that apparently makes many consider it a holiday film. Overall very cute. 4/5 blocks of ice off the ice truck.

The Witcher, Season 1

I’ve been watching a lot of streamed content as I sort cards in my Magic collection. I just finished season 1 of Netflix’s The Witcher and I quite enjoyed it. It was a little hard to follow as they wove it together, but I am looking forward to season 2. 4.5/5 unusually colored eyes.

Knives Out

What a delightful journey of a movie. Rian Johnson and his superb cast delivered a fantastically enjoyable mystery which taunts us with tantalizing glimpses of the whole story without giving itself away. 5/5 real knives.