Ideas are flowing

I am and always will be a person ruled by my ideas. Having all these days to myself gives me lots of time to doodle and jot down ideas. I’m carrying a spiral notebook which I’m using for those ideas. Right now I’m holed up in a diner down the street from Wrigley field and right next to improvOlympic.

I’ve made a video I was going to use for my day 3 video journal, but when I put it on the computer I discovered that it had some bad color issues and streaks which crossed the video. Looks like my little Kodak is on its way out, hopefully it lasts through the trip! Regardless it means that I’ll be needing a new digital camera in the next few days.

Today I was reading Paul Stamatiou’s blog, who is in turn highlighting points from David Kirkpatrick’s interview with various technology big wigs, one of which is Jonathan Schwartz who is the big wig of Sun Microsystems. He notes that the telephone has taken the most unexpected turn for him, discussing the rampant take over of mobile phones.

In that moment I had a flash of the office of tomorrow where office phones are a thing of the past. We can’t be that far from multi-line cell phones. Sure you can flash over and make a three way call from your phone, but imagine the day when you can take a call from Jan in accounting, and in turn place a call to your supplier in Wyoming. The day isn’t far, and when it reaches that point we’ll begin seeing offices drop the in house phone lines instead for massive cellular plans for all of their employees.

I also love Jonathan’s answer to the question of what really drives innovation:

Courage. Courage to challenge conventional wisdom, to wholly commit to an idea or ideal, to lead and inspire those around you, whether they’re collaborators or customers.

I Feel Naked

It’s amazing. I regularly walk around shirtless and barefoot without a thought. Yet leaving the house without my cell phone leaves me jittery. Normally I come home, plug it into the charger and that’s that. I know where it is and can always find it. Last night though it got left somewhere and I don’t know where it is. I’m sure it is in the house or in my car, but I just couldn’t find it this morning.

The cell phone is such an extension of me that I’m sitting her very consciously aware of its absence. I can’t pull it out to text someone or to check the time or even to pass the time with the wonders of Tetris. Thankfully I have my laptop so I can at least be comforted in that I am not completely out of touch with the world.

Perhaps feeling naked isn’t quite right. Losing my cell phone makes me feel similar to having lost my voice, I feel as if I can’t speak and communicate right now.

It’s an odd feeling. I guess I’m a technology addict.

Update 4:54pm – So it turns out that the phone apparently got left at the gas station last night and fell into the hands of some bums. I called it this morning trying to locate it and got an answer, so I assumed I had misdialed. I got no answer when I called again. My friend K called it to see if it was at her place and got an answer.

From what I can piece together, I left the phone on top of the gas pump. Then as I pulled off a bum half waved at me, I pointedly ignored him and now I wonder if maybe he was trying to tell me I had left my phone on the pump in hopes of getting a few bucks. Oops.

So apparently the taxi driver bought it off the bum for $10. This is a Sprint Katana phone, not top of the line, but worth more than $10 in resale value. I’ve got the driver’s phone number and will call him in a little while in hopes of setting up a time to meet somewhere and get my phone. Updates as I have them.

Update 11:45pm – In what must have looked like a drug deal to some, I reacquired my cell phone in exchange for $20 through a van’s window in a very short conversation. All is well.