Bill Gates editorial in the Wall Street Journal discussing the byproduct of his health investments in his post-Microsoft career, which is that having more healthy people creates wealth since they are able to be up working or going to school. He shares this in the WSJ, to try and convince other rich people to follow in his and Melinda’s footsteps, as there can be less trust in the government to continue its foreign aid.

There are areas of global health where the data is spotty and we don’t know if an investment will pay off, or what would happen if we don’t invest at all. This isn’t one of them. Institutions such as Gavi, the Global Fund and GPEI are the closest things that we have to surefire bets to alleviate suffering and save lives. They are the best investments that Melinda and I have made in the past 20 years, and they are some of the best investments the world can make in the years ahead.

So I gave up soda for this year. And last night I had a dream about drinking soda. In the dream I did it unthinkingly, and was so let down when I realized I had slipped up and drank it. Also I remember it tasting awful. Not sure what my subconscious was chewing on for that dream, or if it was the final throes of my body’s caffeine addiction.