Dear Future Self

Going through the files on my Google Drive, I came across this gem. A note I wrote myself when I came to Seattle to interview with Wizards of the Coast. The file was titled “Dear Future Self.”


Dear future self,

If you’ve followed your own instructions you’re reading this the morning of the interview, after being dressed and about to walk out the door. Knowing you as I do, I’d like to remind you of a few things:

  1. You’re awesome. No matter the outcome of the interview.
  2. This job is yours already, like Hitch said, they’ve already flown you across the country, now it’s up to you to not screw it up.
  3. Be yourself, you’re killer in interviews.
  4. Be calm and patient. Consider questions before diving into answers.
  5. Be confident but not cocky. Smile, don’t smirk.

You’ve got this. Now fold this up, put it in your pocket and call your wife to get the smile on your face.

— Past self

Two Days on the Road

For the last two days I’ve been on the road with two of my bosses at the new job. We’re on the way to Indianapolis for GenCon, but the biggest value for me coming on this trip is that I am being immersed in the business. We’ve had nearly 24 hours on the road, of which the vast majority of it has been spent discussing the business, how and why things are done, and for me to question, explore and poke around in the process to learn as much as I can.

We’ve discussed it from the top down and from the left to the right. It feels like what I imagine an intensive foreign language course feels like. I catch myself letting my mind wander and losing track of what is being said only to snap my mind back to focus and frantically try to fill in the blanks of what I missed. By the end of the day my mind is exhausted and I go to my hotel room with it swimming with terms, processes, ideas and questions.

One of the greatest things is that they actively encourage me to question them on processes or choices they make. They explain why they chose to do something, or if it is an idea they hadn’t considered they are quite willing to explore it and possibly test it.

I’m the second “real” developer they’ve brought on, and so Dave (the CTO for Cool Stuff) is already getting excited about having some help on managing the website. We hashed out a roadblock he’d been facing with an idea that I came up with, and so that will make it easier to do a new process that has been needed but not implemented due to the roadblocks.

I had a restless night last night and so I decided to begin setting myself up for some organization framework I knew I needed. I setup a Google Calendar to list out the ManaNation episode schedule, the Magic event schedule, and my travel schedule. I have a few other things I’m going to be putting on there as time goes by, but this is an excellent starting place for keeping myself focused and aware of what is coming down the pipe.

Like, right now, October is going to be a busy busy month. That’s definitely going to be interesting.

New Media Director

I am the New Media Director for Cool Stuff Inc. Cool Stuff has been the sponsor of ManaNation since 2008 and I am now working for them! I will be working on ManaNation for them, as well as other video and podcasts, and putting my skills to use to help them develop their business using some new digital avenues. I’m very excited about this opportunity.

So, remember that rollercoaster week where I proposed to Katie and then got fired? Yeah, let’s scroll back a few days before the proposal. The Thursday prior to proposing I went to Cool Stuff and met with them to discuss the possibility of selling ManaNation to them. I wrestled with this idea, but the bottom line was that at the time work had picked up and ManaNation was suffering for it. So rather than let the show die, I was looking to sell it and let a company that was able to – take it over. Continue reading New Media Director

Pursuing Elegance

Programming is getting paid to do puzzles. Some are harder than others, some are put the cylinder in the round hole level of difficulty, others near MENSA level challenges. Over the past few days I’ve been trying to fix an issue which amounted to numerous hours trying to bang out a solid solution, in the end I went with the less elegant solution.

Continue reading Pursuing Elegance