Cascadia vs. Darfur

Cascadia vs. Darfur United, a friendly between two teams that are part of CONIFA, the Confederation of Independent Football Associations. CONIFA is soccer organization outside of FIFA, which is quite unusual in today’s sport.

They played the first all-CONIFA friendly in North America today about a mile and a half from my home at the local high school. It was an underwhelming match as far as quality goes, but it was neat as far as a unique experience.

My common sort of view with soccer on the TV as well as on the laptop, and frequently Elwood decides to stand in front of me and just watch me as I watch soccer or use the laptop.
I run a weekly D&D game with friends. I shared this online a few weeks ago, as a peek at my DM kit. That ADND book is a spiral notebook that reuses the cover of that classic book, one of my favorite things!