Find Me Online

My name is Patrick “Trick” Jarrett. During my day job I’m a video Content Strategist for Wizards of the Coast working on Magic and D&D. I’m a happily married husband to my wife of nine years, and dog father to Ozzie and Elwood.

Where you can find me:

Email me. Happy to talk if you see something of interest on here.

My blog. Good news, you are already here. It is an infrequently updated blog on my life.

My personal Twitter. (On Hiatus)Life updates, interesting links, socially relevant comments.

My work Twitter. (On Hiatus) I work for Wizards of the Coast and love the games we make. This is my account for talking about Magic & D&D, our games.

My Instagram. Pictures and occasional videos.

My professional profile on LinkedIn. The 21st century resume. I am not active on here nearly at all.

Discord: Trick#4562