My common sort of view with soccer on the TV as well as on the laptop, and frequently Elwood decides to stand in front of me and just watch me as I watch soccer or use the laptop.
I run a weekly D&D game with friends. I shared this online a few weeks ago, as a peek at my DM kit. That ADND book is a spiral notebook that reuses the cover of that classic book, one of my favorite things!

Norway’s $1 Trillion Man Talks Brexit, China and Big Tech. An interview with Yngve Slyngstad.

BM: What do you make of [Big Tech] share prices?

YS: The first thing to note is the size of these companies relative to the market in general. When you see the market cap of Facebook surpassing the combined market cap of Russia—and Amazon actually crossed the combined market cap of Brazil—it just tells you that it’s well worth spending more time thinking about how these companies affect how the economy is working and about their long-term profitability, rather than spending too much time on geopolitical risk or the risk of a country having some difficulties for the moment. It’s the development of how the economy is put together rather than the simple political issues of the day that we try to focus on.

Off Soda

For 2019, I decided to quit soda. And it was shockingly easy this time. I did this before and ended up relapsing but I’ve really tackled it anew this year.

The only drinks I’ve had:

  • Water
  • Milk
  • Apple juice
  • Blackberry Izze
  • Fresca
  • Scotch
  • Wine

Before you say it, I know some of these drinks have a lot of sugar. That’s the point. I’ve been quitting soda primarily to get me off of caffeine. Cutting back on sugar is coming next.

But what actually made me want to write this post is that I’m currently sitting in a hotel room, of which one of my travel routines is to enjoy a bottle of Pepsi while watching streams in the hotel. It has no sense it’s just a thing I’ve found myself doing while I travel and today as I sit in this hotel room I was struck by a real wanting for soda – something I haven’t truly faced since I stopped drinking soda.

Ah the joys of the human mind.