How to Use My Blog

6/9/2023 8:08 am |

My blog is meant to be user friendly, but I recognize there are some things which are not. Or, at least, are not obvious. This entry is a sort of running archive of tidbits for interest, or explain some oddities, or "editorial" structures I use.

Last updated: June 9th, 2023

  1. If a link in a header is in quotation marks, it is the article's own title at the time of publishing. All other link titles are editorialized by me.
  2. Review posts for media get a score out of a 5 added to the header, what that score item is is purely done for entertainment purposes and doesn't denote any additional rank. I just find it more enjoyable than just saying "4/5 stars."
  3. The Date archive page uses collapsable headers, clicking (or tapping) expands or collapses them. When you get down to the month view and it lists out days. Any posts which have their own actual page, rather than just existing within the date page, are also shown on that view.
  4. Link posts flag when I know I'm linking to a blog which has a pay wall or some other limitation on visitors. The hope is you can either read it as a non-regular visitor.

Those were the items I wanted to explain off the top of my head, I'll see what other tips come up and I'll come back to update this.