"Glass Onion's Start Tells You The End"

1/3/2023 6:24 am |

Spoilers abound in this post. Skip now if you don't want anything spoiled.

I really enjoyed this analysis, it summarizes a lot of what I thought but hadn't put into words. Due to my job and having worked with companies which literally make things like the puzzle box, I was unimpressed with the box as it felt like mostly movie magic mixed with what a writer believes the boxes should be. Which, as it turns out, is exactly what Rian Johnson wanted - it wasn't meant to actually be an impressively difficult puzzle box, just an impressive one.

A comment by "David Posnett" on this YouTube video really hit home for me; because I noticed this exact thing when it happened in the movie and it was so stupid I chalked it up to a mistake in the writing instead of an early tip of the plot:

I think the puzzle that really exemplifies this idea is the chess one. The Disruptors call it an endgame when it absolutely isn't, the endgame is the very late stages where you're trying to use your last few pieces to close the game out. What the puzzle actually is is an opening, one of the more famous openings in chess, literally called fool's mate. The Disruptors have the barest minimum knowledge to be able to solve the puzzle, but it's shown that they don't actually understand it.

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