Currently Reading & Virtual Tsundoku

1/8/2023 10:44 am |

I've got a handful of books in progress and wanted to share them:

A series of afro-futuristic short stories. I'm about a third of the way through and greatly enjoying it. Given that it is a series of disconnected short stories, I'm doling them out and jumping to other books for periods so I don't burn through it.

I read a wonderful one last night, "A Dream of Electric Mothers" by Wole Talabi. Definitely powerful and going to stick with me.

Raising Them Right is not what I would consider a fun read. It's a delve into the stories of the political Right in the US. For example, the first chapter is a brief look at Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk's background and story that led him to being the figure for the Right he currently is.

I haven't actually started this one yet. It's the third in the series; I listened to the first two last year during commuting. A post yesterday by Cory Doctorow reminded me about the series. I hopped into the Libby mobile app and checked out the audiobook to return to the series.

Virtual Tsundoku

I have a lot of ebooks to read eventually. Here is a quick overview of the latest ebooks I have added onto my stack of books to read eventually. I've added all of these in the past month. There are more books I have yet to read, but this is just the top of the stack.

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