Alright - here goes

3/20/2002 11:54 pm |

The following post was from my original blog on, it is archived here for posterity purposes

Alright, so I have the frame work up. I'm gonna devote a good chunk of tomorrow to getting this page flying. As my best friend Josh pointed out this layout is not as flashy as the other one, but with changing from Blogger to Greymatter I ran into some trouble so I am working my way through this all before I get flashy.

I do want opinions on this layout, so please leave me a comment about what you like and what you hate about this one. As I said earlier, I'm just moving in and to give you a bit of perspective, the old page had several weeks of building put into it. This one is what I have come up with currently over two days. I am exploring how possible it will be for the old layout to reappear if I hear that outcry. But right now this is a simple yet elegant layout that works. And so it shall stay until I am ready to run it for its money.