1/7/2021 11:21 pm |

I was just reminded of my childhood. I was home with my younger sister while our parents were out and because I was a young dumb kid, I struck a match and immediately blew it out. And because fate is a bitch, as I did that my dad came home. He walked back to my room and he smelled the extinguished match. I lied and said I had no idea what he smelled, but soon recanted and admitted my wrong doing. He grounded me for a week. He made me look at pictures of people burned alive. He made me call and talk to a firefighter. There was other stuff at work here, it was a heavy punishment for such a small infraction. But imagine if I had dropped the match and set the house on fire. Nothing bad happened because of the match. But I still got grounded.

This is the correct mentality for punishing and dissuading future behavior. Does it always work? No. But you know what works even less? Not punishing people for dangerous behavior.

People who rioted in the Capitol building should be charged.

An investigation should be made to find wrongdoing amongst police, other law enforcement agencies, as well as congress and every government employee who might be involved with egging this "protest" that became a riot. Including the President.

We went through a deep investigation over Benghazi for weeks. This was on our own soil and destroyed government property, threatened lives, etc.

But you say, some of these people didn't know they broke the law? Guess what happens when you get pulled over for speeding without knowing you're doing it? You get a fucking ticket. Get out of here with the "But they are upstanding citizens" / "They have families" / "This will negatively impact their lives." Miss me with any of those takes.

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