Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Completed the theoretically annual physical with my GP. The normal directions continue, lose weight, exercise more, etc. There was also some blood draws for tests. I can't help but feel as I grow older more and more of my blood goes to the doctors for tests. It's just a modern version of bloodletting, with some post processing and analysis.

1/30/2023 10:01 am | | Tags: medicine, personal

Wednesday (2023) - 4 Things out of Five

Overall, I enjoyed the show's first season. It has some fantastic casting and that really carried some middling narrative. But, if you enjoy the Addams Family, you should enjoy this show.

1/30/2023 6:39 pm | | Tags: television, review, netflix

You can eat Impossible meat raw, though you may not want to.

I had this idea pop in my head a week or so ago, but kept forgetting to look up the answer. Not that I have any desire whatsoever to do so, just curiosity if something they did somehow made it dangerous to eat raw.

The short answer is yes, you can eat Impossible "meat" without cooking it. The better answer is you probably don't want to.

"Our products were made to be cooked, in order to achieve the best sensory, texture and visual experience," a spokesperson for Impossible Foods told The Takeout via email. "Impossible products should be handled with the same caution as any other raw protein, and it's important to remember that there are always risks to consuming raw or undercooked foods."

Although it's explicitly recommended that people cook Impossible Foods products, the spokesperson also said that chefs have successfully made tartare using Impossible products, following many of the same guidelines set out for serving the best animal-based version.

So, it's not impossible to enjoy this plant-based product in its raw form. It just might not be the best-tasting option, since the product is designed to be enjoyed with a bit of Maillard reaction. If you happen to share the same love of raw protein that my godmother does, maybe a nice Impossible tartare could satisfy your carnivorous cravings; just practice the same common sense you would with any food, and don't leave it sitting out too long.

1/30/2023 6:48 pm | | Tags: vegetarianism, food

Hear me out. I want a dog bed which has an attached chaise lounge. Same fabric, same furniture piece. Just give me a place to chill with a supported back next to the dogs on the bed with me.

1/30/2023 8:53 pm | | Tags: dog, big dog life, invention, idea

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